Woah! A roadtrip…

So it was the beginning of the day and we got packed yesterday so we could get ready fast. We all had some breakfast before we left, because it was a LONG roadtrip. Once we all got ready we got our luggages and put them in our car.

We had to take a car for the roadtrip of course instead of a plane. It was about 9:20 and we set off. We put it on the gps and it was a 12 HOUR DRIVE?!?!? I knew I was gonna go insane. Plus traffic which will make it extra.

A few hours later we were in South Caroline and we stopped to get food. Since, I was hungry. We stopped where there was a tesla charger so we could charge it while we ate. Not flexing.

Once we finished and got back in the car we set off to the next stop.Georgia. And luckily I slept through that whole ride to Georgia. Once we arrived we went and ate again and also got a name for our car. It was “Dolphin.” Its a epic name I know no flex.

And then we went to go to the grocery shopping since our hotel wasn’t going to have any food thing’s. We went to the grocery store and bought stuff. A lot of stuff.

Then the bad stuff started to happen…. We got in our car and started driving to our hotel FLORIDA! But one thing is for sure I’m lucky. I slept through the 2-3 hour traffic going to Florida luckily.

And then once I woke up it was like 6-7 PM ALREADY! Maybe even 8 I don’t know. And we were at treasure island where our hotel is. 5 MORE MINUTES LONGER! We also had my sisters poodle in the car so she was so excited jumping around.

We got one of those cart things and put our luggage on it and went to our room. And then we unpacked put the grocery’s where they belong and went to bed. I had the couch sadly. But it could transform into a bed which was very comfy. VERY COMFY.

That is the end of my story! I hope you enjoyed my 15 hour roadtrip from North Carolina to Florida.

Snow in November…?

It was the morning of Friday. I was very excited today because today we were going to the mountains, to go skiing. For the first time in my life. I went to my room so I could start packing my luggage for my 3 day trip. Once we were finally done packing.

We got in the car and started to drive. I was sad since the drive to the mountains was 3 HOURS LONG?!?!?!  But personally it was worth the 3 hours in the car.

Once we arrived to our hotel we checked in and went to our room. We settled in, since it was about night time. We then explored the place, then went to bed.   Once it was the next day we got in our equipment and went to the skiing lodge.

We rented some skis and the poles. Also the protection a helmet, boots and gloves. We went outside of the lodge to the snow. Very surprising there was snow in November I was SHOKED .

We put our feet in the skis and started to go down hills. First we went down a small hill, still got some speed :). There was a conveyor to get back up to the top of the hill. Then we went on a bigger one. It took so long to get up there with such a SLOW CONVEYOR. But it was worth it personally.

We started to go down and I picked up some speed. And I did the pizza. trick. (It made me slow down) Once we got to the bottom I did a slow 90 degree turn to completely stop moving.

We went on it again and again, and I feel most of the time. But then we went on the BIG HILL. I guess you could call it a mountain . Let’s just say one thing…. I got a lot of speed and lost control. I fell down 5 times I think or more in that one mountain of skiing or whatever.

Then we were pretty much finished for that day. We got out of the skiing boots and put the poles back took off the helmet, and the gloves. And then we went back to our hotel and we went to some other stores.

That is end of the story!… Of went I went to the mountains. Boone specifically.

My First Blog Post.

Hello I’m gonna be talking about the first time went to the beach, mountains, and other places

It was summer break. My family wanted to do something since we had a few months off school, so we went to the beach. The car ride was about 2-4 hours. The beach we were going to was the North Carolina beach. By the time I arrived there we were at our hotel. It was late at night. So the next day we went outside to the beach and played around. For about 1-2 hours. After that we went back to the hotel. Then at night time we went to a restaurant and got some food. Then the night day happened. Then we went to the shop to get some beach toys. Once we got them we went straight to the beach and played for a while. We went back to the hotel and slept after a few hours of playing at the beach. The next day happened and ee’re going home today we all hopped in the carand drove all the way back to our house. For 2-4 hours again. And once we were there it was night time.